Friday, August 28, 2009

Sarke - Vorunah (2009)

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When I first heard this, I knew nothing of the band. Very hooky guitar riffs jump out with a rock'n'roll swagger, excellent & distinguishable vocals, extremely organic sound. Where have I heard this strong, rusty voice, barking out tales of delerium and madness before? Oh, it's Nocturno Culto. Great to see him doing something outside the lines of Darkthrone. A statement to his excellence as a metal vocalist here, also handling live duties on rythym guitar. Great memorable, riffing out of Sarke here. The album wanders a bit in the later half, growing a bit more disjointed in how the songs flow together. Mixing black metal with a rockish vibe seems to be a new dare I say 'trend' recently, and one that grows a bit tiresome to me; that is not the case with this album. Highly recommended.

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