Friday, August 28, 2009

Temnojor - Nordscapes (2009)

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I debated heavily whether to even put this on the blog, considering issues of international embarrassment. Then I realized everyone needs this album on their computers. Feeling low about yourself? Think you're confused and can't bring things together in an organized fashion? Temnojor's "Nordscapes" is here to save the day. The first song raises optimism with a clearly low-tech keyboard sound, but is altogether a decent ambient song bringing to mind the album title. It goes rapidly down hill into some completely bizarre mix of Electronica-101 dance beats, with terrible synth harmonies. The album continues in this fashion, bringing to mind skinheads with glowsticks, glow-in-the-dark suspenders & shoelaces, the works. No offense to skins or those of the NS persuasion, but holy fuck, the Russian Federation has a historic and glorious past and I hope future. Unite together and stop this embarrassing effort from continuing.

Essential listening.


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